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Computer Security Team projects
Development of security system for baseband platform
Samsung Electronics

Most IT managers at today's financial institutions are accustomed to having some percentage of their user base working outside the main corporate network. However, in recent years, that percentage has grown dramatically and in sometimes unexpected ways. For example, notebook computers are becoming more popular as standard business equipment because they can make it easier for IT staff to relocate employees within the corporate building or campus. And once an employee has a portable system, it almost invariably gets carried offsite and used remotely. The rise in telecommuting has also spurred deployment of portable systems.
This increased mobility is a bonanza to potential attackers. After all, the corporate perimeter defense has dissolved into hundreds or thousands of individually and uniquely vulnerable client endpoints. In contrast to the overlapping perimeter defenses that generally offer a single point of entry, attackers now have a wider field to search for weaknesses.

That is why Computer security & Forensics Lab. and Samsung Electronics are developing security modules together for mobile devices.

 * Sub-projects
   - Development of security module for JTAG
   - Security system for mobile devices

 * CAD Team projects
1. Educational-Industrial Cooperation Cluster for Supporting Nano SoC Industry
2. 2008 Research of Sogang Future.
3. Cell Characterization Considering Process Variation.
4. Development of security system for baseband platform with Samsung Electronics.